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  • mytwocentsnyc mytwocentsnyc Jul 25, 2008 1:32 PM Flag

    Does anyone know what cramer is doing?

    The conference call sounded good yet it keeps going from green to red today.
    (heading towards the green again)

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    • There are many people who know a bit more than me but with the political winds in this country blowing like they are it will be a cold day in hell when we actually get somebody to get off their liberal asses and get some energy policy in place where we can get off foreign oil. Nuclear of course is one of the answers but see how hard it is going to be to be put in place. Every country in the world will build a nuclear power plant. Look at France. As bad as I dislike them they are the leaders right now in nuclear power generation.
      We are falling further and further behind and Democrats or Republicans are doing nothing but fiddle dicking around and nothing gets done. 74% of our oil now comes from foreign sources.........74%. That is shameful !

    • I can tell you what mr. cramer is doing.......he is wishing he had not touted cog when he did at $65 per share. Therefor he is averaging down as he can well afford to and wait it out probably until well into the winter and hope and pray that we have an unusually cold winter season. I am a long time subscriber to his service and I have made money with him but all is not rosy by any means. a week or so ago he was down 15% ytd and the s&p only 17% so he does not blow away the indexes. When he does get on one and NOV comes to mind a lot of money can be made following him but again following him down in averaging usually results in losing because most of us don't have that kind if buying power. It is going to be dead money for a long time. As he averages down to a cost basis of 50 or so he will start telling everyone that he is trimming some profits when the stock rallies back to 53 or so and we {or I } stuck at 65 and wait another year to break even. Anybody that followed him into PWAV can see a classic case of what I am talking back.
      I am not posting this to be adversarial just my observation over a long time of subscribing to the service.

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