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  • redleggi redleggi Apr 10, 2013 2:56 PM Flag

    Time to buy or do we wait for $5

    Any serious opinions/comments welcome

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Gold is the most difficult market out there. It is not driven by factors that affect other markets. Timing it is next to impossible. The only reason to own gold is if you truly believe that paper currency will eventually collapse. The entire world is creating paper currency at an incredible rate and the Fed and Bullion Banks do not want to draw unneeded attention to this thru a elevated gold price. It is a very tough call but I beleive that some insurance against the politicians and central bankers is appropriate. Life is a #$%$ shoot. Gold is no differant.
      Other choices are the juiced up stock market or return free risk in the bond market. Most people are just sitting around looking at idle cash - at least cash did not go down 10% in the past 2 days....or did it?

    • It's the dollar and so long as it stays strong gold will continue to drop and take the miners with it. If you believe in a European recovery to take the $ down and inflation to kick up and devalue it you buy gold. Eventually the clowns in DC will have to really crank up the printing presses and that'll destroy the value of the $ but who knows when it'll happen. I'm betting gold crashes to sub $1000 within the year. If nothing else, it's in terrible disfavor with those who control the markets.

    • Unless the market completely collapses, this stock will not see $5. The book value is $8.31. The comment below in reality doesn't carry much weight. This is a gold company primarily. The fact that they cannot ship iron ore has little effect on revenue. Furthermore, people protesting the gold mine in Greece will also have no effect on company earnings. Construction of this mine has yet to even begin.

    • First the loading dock in Brazil sinks for loading the iron ore then more protest in Greece over the mine. Too much bad news, I'd wait for $5.

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