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  • cohsgrad cohsgrad Apr 30, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    Pump & Dump is On!

    There is a hedge firm with a track record of lying going after INWK (they are short). They generally do create a fair amount of noise even though their reports are factually incorrect. I've made a fair amount of money doing the exact opposite of what they suggest as they are a pump and dump firm.

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    • Cohsgrad,

      I read Prescience Point's research report on INWK, and it is impressive. Please state where you believe their report is factually incorrect, and then support your belief with evidence. Then, maybe, people will listen to you. Prescience Point has done a great deal of work, and has made some very compelling arguments.

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      • They have done great work and the shorts they have are dow more than 35% and after speaking with a long hedge fund they are looking at this and because 90% of the report they were not aware of, they will be saying by by all 145,000 shares. Look for the stock to see a $5-6 low and fast

      • If the price of INWK doesn't move down I won't read it as there will be no potential arb benefit. I could do a pretty thorough job of blasting their previous three reports which generally go through the following process:
        1) Go through the regulatory document risk-factors, Make sound as though they uncovered these potential risks and will kill the companies when in fact it was the company that brought them up..
        2) Throw in a few false accounting concerns.
        3) Make enough errors so that no reasonable person could rely on it. This provides cover so that they are not subject to legal action.
        4) Make follow-up comments criticizing companies while refusing to address questions about the accuracy of their own reports. As they are not subject to the same regulatory constraints as the companies they "cover" it is hypocrisy of a very high degree for them to refuse to address questions.

        They do other things too but I'm not going to spend the time right now. Hey you mind if I ask why your profile is brand-new and whether you have been involved in the printing industry for long?

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