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  • mark.sesing mark.sesing Jan 3, 2013 8:19 PM Flag

    #$%$ this #$%$ fund


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    • I'm heavily invested in this fund. While it hasn't done too well lately, that's due to it mirroring the price of gold, which its supposed to do. I intend to hang on for the inevitable rise in the price of gold. If you've heard of Larry Edelson, he's pretty conservative and thinks it will about triple from here. The real problem is the bankers and manipulators like Morgan. History says they will go down the drain of their own making. Having this fund is much better than having gold-in-hand. Not that some of that is bad. But would you like to walk to the coin shop with $250,000 or more in coins and try to sell? You can sell that much here per day and from the safety of your own home computer. I say you will better off with this than treasury bonds.

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      • Well, I've been invested off and on in this since the late 90's and now is one of the on times. The beauty of this now is that gold stocks are substantially beaten down and weak hands have been washed out. BGEIX could double from here and not exceed its high. Buying at these levels is almost as good as buying at below 10 in October 2008.

        Good point about the safety of this. Gold miners are selling at a huge discount to gold and if we can get some momentum going here, we could see a nice pop into the 20's before the bull market in gold ends.
        Since this generally follows GDX, it is a good way to average into the miners without incurring brokers fees. We are sitting as low as this has been since April 2009 on a non-dividend adjusted basis. I am buying every day it is below 15 and will continue.

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