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  • fannymullner fannymullner May 7, 2011 7:00 PM Flag

    Heart wrenching for TIGR

    "TigerLogic Launches yolink Search for WordPress, Full-Featured Search for WordPress Sites Now Available" found here: . What does the article mean for TIGR?

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    • Not sure EXACTLY what you need Fanny. But if you do your homework, you will end up multipying a modestly low percentage of wordpress sites by a monthly charge for using TIGR search Yolink. These user fees would then be passed on to TIGR and would appear as revenue in their income statement. Upon making that calculation, you "might" then say that the revenue number can not possibly be correct, and you will take a lower number of sites and multiply that site number by a lower fee. And so on. And then you will say something like: "Oh my goodness, TIGR might one day be profitable." If however, you believe that very very few Wordpress sites will use Yolink Search, you might want to borrow some shares and sell them short, with the belief that none of the other TIGR businesses / technologies will ever be profitable. Clearly a lot of investers are in the dark and do not know to what degree TIGR has advanced. It may well be that their technology is brilliant, but that no markets for the technology exist. One difficulty in investing in TIGR is the sound of silence eminating from their HQ. Investors have little information on which to base an investment decision. I can vouch that people do work at TIGR, and that the parking lot is full well into the evening, on some occaisions. And there is the older business that they acquired originally. That has perhaps $2/share value, though I am not completely sure that it might not be worth more in liquidation. So perhaps we own one business with $2 of value, and we are today paying another $2/share as option premium on what I count as five other possible technologies that might some day be monetized. Fanny, if this technology is within your sphere of education, experience, or knowledge, there is opportunity. We just hope you will let us know what you find out and conclude. In the meantime, check the short position. It would appear to me that the short has had second thoughts and is now covering his position and returning the acquired shares to the rightful owner. Is this not a positive sign? If he is knowledgeable, he has seen something that has made him reconsider what might be an exceptionally dangerous short position.

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