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  • lgaytan65 lgaytan65 May 29, 2014 1:34 PM Flag

    All this so called good news......

    yet it's going the wrong way!!!! 'Snake eyes' once again my friends!!! This will be back under .10 real soon!!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • shorts pushing this down on an overall red day with limited volume and a bit of #$%$ talking has done well. Opened a little over .20 and down to .185. 10% is a great move for the high frequency shorts. Bet you wont hold into close. How low can you take this?

    • lets do the math. at .10, that would put the market cap at 45ish million dollars. How much do you think this company is worth? Is this a pump and dump scam? Please give color on your comments. I am long at this point and I feel very positive that the 80 million current market cap is cheap. It seems as though there are so many people on this Yahoo board just bantering back and forth not knowing what the heck they are talking of. What is Liquid Metal Technologies and what do they do? Mr. Gay Tan, please tell us. Snake eyes? Your help is desired to make me understand your comments. Thanks

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      • 'Only the facts son', and the FACT of the matter is that this stock has only run on rumors and nothing else. If you guys are so smart as you allude to be, do you really think if this stock had even a remote chance to hook up with Apple, it would be trading in the .18 range???? C'mon geniuses, stop kidding yourselves and the other blind poor souls who don't even know whether this stock is coming or going!!!!! Show me the money before you guys talk so loud!!!!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • go away unless you have solid facts to prove your post, lets here it and why? otherwise go post somewhere else. All caps and no reason. Just another troll trying to scare the new person. And the fact you can sleep at night. but once again prove your worthless post. All ears?

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