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  • whisperinsam33 whisperinsam33 Feb 12, 2004 2:09 PM Flag

    Buylowandgrow - Sam here

    OK. Here it is.
    1. Max Pain for DNDN (Feb 20) is at 10!!
    2. The shorts gave us a small preview of their strength, as they tested their ability to drop DNDN on 5 Feb. They were able to take us down from an open of 14.1 to a close of 13.3! This with a day�s low of 13.06. I think they learned that they could drop the pps, and that they hip-pocketed this information for the upcoming Options Expiration date.
    3. The amount of money involved in having both the 12.5�s and the 10�s expire worthless, is obscene. It is so much, that I do not see how the MM can pass on the temptation.
    All of this considered, I see the odds of us getting taken down to at least the 12.5�s are more than scant. I weigh this against my concern not to be out of DNDN, even for a day. It�s a tough call, but I need to err on the side of safety. Accordingly, I am on the sidelines, wishing all of us the very best of investment outcomes. sam

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    • Yanno Sam..seen it too many times not to believe. And here I sit, coulda, shoulda, woulda...again. Must be the blonde in me.

      Simply disgusted as once more the market powers that be will not yield a level playing field.

      We should all take a lesson from IMCL that takedown blew through more than a just a few stops. Totally sucks for those who've held that through thick and thin.

      • 1 Reply to auntcarrie3
      • That is "THE" lesson of all for DNDN longs IMO. Blowing out those stops on IMCL meant that little guy retail investor had two choices:
        1)Hold without a stop loss
        2)Place a stop loss and get taken out.

        When IMCL reopens for trading most likely those taken out will not only be left out of the party but they will have taken a loss - and this on the biggest day of the company. That is tough to take if you woke up a long and were optimistic for the upside performance of your investment.