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  • mamaofrotor mamaofrotor Feb 12, 2004 8:24 PM Flag

    Buylowandgrow - Sam here

    Batgirl What a day, and lesson learned. My position in DNDN is much bigger than IMCL. I'll be hanging on with you, we'll be partying together. BTW I'm spending time catching up on the back issues of BTM like you suggested. Mama

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    • "What a day, and lesson learned"

      Me, too. I'm saving a lot of the warnings about not setting stops so I'll have something to remind me when the going gets tough. Kind of like being on that tightrope without a net. Important to keep one's balance.

      Nice to know you'll be hanging on and partying -- I'm looking forward to both. Got my seat belt fastened for the hanging on part -- I think it could be quite a ride. As long as it ends up on that beach on Kauai!!!

      Glad you got BTM -- it's got lots of really good stuff, as I'm sure you're discovering. A real wealth of information -- pun intended!

      Thanks to you for all your shared wisdom.

      Best wishes,