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  • gooiedag gooiedag Nov 19, 2004 5:34 PM Flag

    unethical analyst

    I'll leave it to others to poke holes in his reasoning but I can say this about gnta (as a former investor in that near fraud that managed to get out in the nick of time) visa vie dndn: gnta never published anything of merit in peer revue journals and, rather than focus on a specific malignancy with a "targeted therapy" aa dndn is doing, they simple had a piece of antisense dna looking for a cancer in which it might work. In other words, a drug in search of a disease. Also their ceo, R Warrel, was extremely incautious in his public remarks and never had anything resembling the panel dndn assembled yesterday. In addition a no of prominent oncologists published data suggesting that genasense did not work as described. Finally, all their data indicated that the side effects of genasense were extremely harsh and might be difficult to deal with. It would not have been difficult to issue a sell on gnta. And a no of analysts besides BM were very negative.