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  • consj90 consj90 Jul 26, 2005 8:13 AM Flag

    Unambiguously November?

    I also agree...

    I had a friend talk to Dr. regarding this company...He says there are so many companies just like this one in the same position as this one and in 2 years will all be in the same place as this one.

    I'm sure I was called a complete ass as I suggested everyone short after the CC.

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    • A comment on the quality of your due diligence: Is the extent of your due diligence that you spoke a one physician? Is that physcian an oncologist or urologist? Did that physician look at the clinical trial data and ASCO presentations and publications examining that data? You did not specify that the dr was in fact a physician, although I assume that is what you meant. You, of course, do the level of due diligence that is appropriate for you. For me, if the conversation you described is the extent of your due diligence, that would be inadequate for me to follow any recommendations you make re this investment. The stock price, btw, bears very little correspondence to the clinical data in the short run.