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  • oxylong oxylong Apr 6, 2007 5:36 PM Flag

    Shorts Lost 228% is two weeks

    short's loss is long's gain - rejoice and make money longs, shorts are not out yet because some are still shorting clinging to the hopes that FDA will, by some miracle, overrule its own advisory panel vote. ROTFLMAO.

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    • Totally agree. Unlike shorts on many boards, the shorts here seem to be shorting based solely on the fact that the stock has had a sudden move higher, and they expect it to pull back. Of course, that is what it "was supposed to do" yesterday, yet it moved up around $3 on no real news. Anyone who has done their homework realizes the market for Provenge is huge. DNDN never should have been so low in the first place, but was manipulated lower by slimy hedge funds, likely attempting to put the company out of business. There are way too many suspicious things here to be coincidental. Does it seem strange to anyone that an analyst comes out with a $1.50 price target and sell rec immediately after the panel recommended Provenge for approval, predicting somehow that the FDA will overrule their own panel? Or that the most vocal opponent on the panel is involved with a competing product and received an exemption of conflict of interest 3 weeks before the panel met? I'm not saying these things are definitely true, but there are just too many things like this. And on and on, but anyone interested could do a little research and see this is true.

      I would love to see the hedge funds hurt very badly on this one, and if Provenge is approved they will be, as institutions will be buying along with others now on the sidelines, and shorts covering at much higher prices. Monday is anyone's guess, but no shares are available for shorting, and shares are being called in. Extensions for covering are expiring.
      This stock could go much higher in the short term, and will in the long term.