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  • realityinfocus realityinfocus Apr 22, 2007 1:20 PM Flag

    Wouldn't a full approval make it impossible to complete tests?

    I will try with my limited knowledge and with a heavy investment in DNDN, and picking up more later.

    First of all, this was written prior to the committee's recommendation, so it makes the article moot, and he is obviously wrong.

    I think this should be enough to refute it:
    "Disclosure: Author has a short position in DNDN"

    DNDN has a patent on a totally revolutionary process in battling cancer. Not all people enjoy revolution but it is necessary in the evolution of medical treatments.

    I remind everyone of the scientist who contended that H Pylori was the cause of stomach ulcers. Lots of people laughed at him. He was an outcast, rejected by the scientific community. Lots of money was made on relieving ulcer symptoms. When he gave himself stomach ulcers with H Pylori, and then sure that ailment with antibiotics, things got a lot more interesting for him. Now antibiotics is standard treament for stomach ulcers and you really seldom hear about anyone having suffered greatly from it.

    Nothing but a slime ball, as all shorts are, who could care less about the health and welfare of men all over the world. He just wants his money.

    Again, this cancer treatment process, when approved by the FDA, can and will be used as a first line of defense against Prostate Cancer. It will be the first thing that is done when it is found that the PSA levels have been elevated.

    In the trials, the people who recieved this treatment process had already exhausted all the toxic chemicals that could be used to battle the cancer.
    So the candidates in the trials were already seriously (!) compromised in health by traditional chemo and some radiation methods.

    AND I have always said that "chemo kills!". Chemo kills more clients than cancer does.
    Radiation CAUSES cancer. What makes people think that it can battle cancer?