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  • bidtoask2007 bidtoask2007 May 18, 2007 8:13 AM Flag

    Time to wake up!!!


    Anyone who bought this stock between $5 & $7 since May 9th and gets scared out of it by these ludicrous short fairy tales deserves to make ZERO...nothing.

    If you're an investor in Dendreon & can't foresee the eventuality of Provenge getting approved than you truly are a moron. Period.

    The whole world knows the FDA's own review panel voted overwhelmingly positive with respect to both safety AND efficacy.

    Dr. Von Sheister is a pubic hair away from being exposed for the puppet he is to the Hedge Fund puppeteers.

    I filtered out the noise & rode this up 350% from $4.75 back in March. Made a fortune. It was a 50/50 coin flip. No, it wasn't a foregone conclusion that the initial review would be positive BUT when the talking heads are preaching DOOM all the while BUYING a humongous amount of CALLS to protect their asses, it was worth the calculated gamble.

    For what it's worth, since May 9th, I'm back in at an average cost of $5.87. I'm a holder for however long it takes for Provenge to be approved. I don't care if it's $4.00 at today's close OR $8.75.

    Stop listening to " i heard a rumor " & "DNDN $1.00" & "Provenge 2010"... it's all b llsh t from 2 types of dullards: 1) the schmuck who bought DNDN AFTER it ran 350% & lost $$ and is now intensely bitter & 2) the pseudo-professional Short seller who preys on the ill-informed

    Dendreon is at the forefront of promising biotechs now. As a daily Volume leader, it's not a secret anymore.
    The drug works. The roadblock thrown up by the Dr. Von crook will be jack-hammered away in due time.

    In the Meantime, just remember, every share you dump down here is being bought by the same group of Usual suspects who will ride it back over $20.00.

    By the way, the f cking drug could get approved in Dec of 2015 & it DOESN'T mean sh t for what's happening & what will CONTINUE to happen for the next week or so!
    It's up 29 god damned %% from an intrday low of $4.95 just 3 sessions ago AND THERE AIN'T NO GOOD NEWS FORTHCOMING in the next day or 2!
    Get this through your bulbous heads: it's going up & WILL continue to go up for the reasons that many had stated days ago: UBSS, EDGX, BEST amongst others are on the box & buying to COVER their asses, period.

    Everytime you read a jerkoff SHORT's post about imminent doom, it's a f cking smoke screen! Every penniless "Shorty" out there who keeps proclaiming he/she "just shorted another 5,000 shares" (as the stock keeps rising) is full of sh t. No brokerage firm in the country is loaning shares out to midgets like Betty bookkeeper & Larry Lunchpail. It's 100% BS. They're all lying through their bucked teeth because they're LOSERS.

    Each & every broken record "Shorty" on here compares crib notes. The same, redundant, stale, tales of armageddon. It really is comical.

    If you DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE utilizing the publicly known FACTS of this situation, you'll come to the conclusion that it's not a question of "if" Provenge gets approved, but rather "when". And if it takes 6-12 months for it to get approved and for DNDN to instantaneously halt trading & reopen at $50, $60, then I suggest filtering out the BS & forget about 50cent moves up or down right now.
    This stock has ALREADY netted 1,000s of investors HUNDREDS of million$$$ after the 1st run up! What do you honestly think is going to happen after ANOTHER tidbit of good news?!

    (feel free to copy & repost this because it is Time to WAKE Up & smell the CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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