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  • screwtheshorts screwtheshorts Nov 3, 2008 3:56 AM Flag



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    • Yeah,I'm 1-0 Obama wins in landslide.Hope you are feeling a little better homeboy,because whether you know it or not all of America is now better off.

    • Damn Republicans

    • No matter who is elected , the fact is that this country is more Socialist than even Red China. The USSA now is a state capitalist society. The government owns substantial positions in financial businesses and is about to get into manufacturing automobiles. The government provides medical care to a large population , and you may be sure that it will soon cover everybody. The government will soon own , directly, a million or more house, under one plan or another to stop declining real estate values, I could go on, but , I've made my point. Of course, none of the above governmental activities are true in China.
      I 'm not saying that Socialism is good or bad: I'm just saying it is here.

    • Look, Sadam Hussein fooled the "world" about weapons of mass distruction to his own demise. I don't believe the war was handled well until the surge and Oboma would have denied that. I am glad we took this file person down and he is no longer there to torture at will.

      Bush never implemented most of his policies as you stated...just not true. The war took most of his attention and the Dems were able to block most of his attempts at moving congress to his policies.

      The tax cuts were a good Idea, its His over spending that is the problem and in that I would agree with you. So the question is should we now place into the office a person who will spend even more than Bush? History will show that Bush made mistakes, but was delt a bad hand to play with....IMHO

      One other thing....we are in this housing mess because of Dems social engineering. They wanted to give the "poor" homes they should not have because they could not afford them. The reason is always the same, greed and votes for themselves. That has caused the problem the economy we have today...along with a normal down turn that always happens every ten years or so.


    • Obama will win

    • "this isn't a Bush problem"
      Where have you been the last 8 years? The last 8 years he set and fully implemented his policies. He was the decision maker, and got almost everything he wanted in policy. He cut taxes and increased spending. He went to war on HIS terms looking for Weapons of mass distruction, there was none. He followed Phil Gram of TX and deregulated the banking industry and today we have the economic meltdown. Have you nticed the 10 trillion dollar deficit. What was the deficit prior to Bush? 3 trillion dollars!!! Bush is the reason McCain will lose the election today. Bush is a failure and I am a conservative. History will show that Bush is the worst Prez. in our history. Anyone following his act will be a hero. Bush has been a failure.

    • devilsarin7 ... right to the point.


    • why is it that children hardly out of school,most don't have a job,don't own anything,yet want to vote for someone who hides his past,wants to impose the largest tax HIKE ever,drive this country into a depression?They don't even know who the others running mate is or their past voting on issues that affect them.Why?..He has passed his magic hand over these college kids and they think he's a savior.I wish they would study history a little more to understand just what is taking place here.Hitler started out the same way.Capture the mind of the youth and impose your will on them..Pied Piper.What fools they are.They know nothing but will wake up one day with less than nothing.

    • And youre just like every liberal, completely in denial when facts are thrown in your face.

      1. Terrorists LOVE obama. President of Iran, hamas advisors to name a couple. Who the fuck would want to vote for someone that terrorists love. Youd have to be nuts (dems)

      2. Obama just like everyone else is going to raise taxes. Not just for people that make over 250k, i mean 200, i mean 150k. Whatever price they flip flop to, we are all in trouble. Not to mention raising capital gains taxes.

      3. Why are we in a financial mess, You treehuggers all say change change change from bushs terms. Lets talk about your precious Clinton. Clintons administration passed legislation allowing low income families to get 500k loans. Uhhhh oh yea thats right, thats why we are in a recession because people defaulted on their loans. and if you mental midgets couldnt figure it out, clinton was a democrat. Wasnt bush/ republicans that did that.

      Im sure im wasting my breath by even posting this because anyone with half a brain would see the lunacy in voting for obama. The great thing about all of this, is that i can take comfort in the fact that shit talking dems like you are either A. not from this country B. A terrorist or C. Someone that just likes to see their words on the screen and isnt voting anyway. Unfortunately Organizations like ACORN have already registered Mickey Mouse, dead people and football teams to vote Obama. So looks like we are fucked either way.

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