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  • adeiflig adeiflig Feb 1, 2009 10:05 AM Flag


    I didn't say that they don't have cash. They have $ 100 million in the bank or short-term however, their liabilities when they report will show that the firm is insolvent, more debt than assets.

    It will be the first time that the company will be in an insolvent position. Borrowing more from a bank will not help its balance sheet since they will have new debt, with cash drain.

    What they need is infusion of capital, shareholder equity. All of this will depend on results of provenge. If mark is not hit, company files for bankruptcy.


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    • The shorts will trya nd say anything to cause harm to dndn. you file for bankrupsy when you have no other options and DNDN has many. They can partner, sell off nervenge, in addition to drawing down the 100 million note that is valid. You are grasping at straws hoping to cause doubt Dendreon is isn good financial condition much to the dismay of the shorts.