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  • free4juju free4juju Nov 16, 2010 7:36 PM Flag

    Really?? 93k a month for two years

    How long have you been in this stock? Come on. 93K is the cost of the three step treatment and it extends 4 months living more than placebo among the most late stage prostate cancer patients. That is only an average..some anecdotal evidence of much longer survival and possibly esignificantly longer survival when patients are treated w/ Provenge earlier in their illness. Please get your facts straight. All in all the treatment cost averages out favorably w/ chemo and its added costs of attendant treatment for chemo side efects.

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    • thank you for setting me straight. I misunderstood the statement. I am very new to this and have not done any DD YET. Will pound it tonight and looking to get a small play on some Dec calls in the AM. Not so sure they will make any announcement Wed but I think it will move in the next three weeks