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  • mining_phd mining_phd Nov 2, 2011 9:22 PM Flag

    I have never been negative...


    Do you guys want a solid winner? Take a serious look at HDY!

    They have a 10,000 square mile concession off the west coast of Africa. The CEO is a 20 yr veteran of Amoco and he has a handpicked team of seasoned Amoco executives who are working with him.

    They have $150 million in cash, no debt and they are drilling their first two wells this month.

    Sabu-1 is set to reach target depth in about 2 weeks with
    an additional 2 weeks of logging to finish the well.

    If they hit oil and most expect they will, the stock is likely to move up i a serious fashion.

    Rather than worry about your DNDN losses, take charge and research this stock, it is a serious winner, IMHO.

    FWIW- I bought DNDN around $18 and sold in high $30's

    Biotechs rarely produce good gains for shareholders. The main reason I sold was seeing the CEO was selling.

    I am short NFLX and CRM.
    Long LVS, HDY.

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