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  • wwuepper wwuepper Nov 3, 2011 8:19 AM Flag

    my letter to brewer (not that it matters)

    Dear Chairman Brewer,

    As an investor in Dendreon, I was wondering if your intention is to let CEO Gold totally wreck the company before you decide to remove him.

    There is no reason for the lapses in judgement that have been displayed by upper management that is wrecking the companies chances at becoming successful. Perhaps, if he wasn't to busy accepting awards, which I don't feel he deserves, or making rosy presentations, he could be focusing on all the problems the company is facing.

    This company does NOT have the luxury of time anymore, that has already been squandered. If the mistakes that are being made are not fixed this next quarter, put the company up for sale, surely, someone, anyone could run it better then you and your team.

    William Wuepper

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