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  • tzooisabouttoexplode tzooisabouttoexplode Jan 6, 2012 9:15 AM Flag

    Couple of hedge funds circling DNDN

    Stay tuned!

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    • Is that why the sponsors decided to throw all that white noise out to drive her down and fill the gap?

      Are these the shannigans they are still and will always play on Wall St.? Mr. Corozine our beloved ex-Senator and ex-Governor is looking for his $1.2B..have you seen it!!

      Bunch of suckers who let sponsors abuse them and then come back for more, you must be FRENCH!!

      Volatility is thy enemy!

      This thing doesn't have any dividend protection since its so young...there for just right for the pricking of its investors at the desire of its sponsorship.

      Yes and Madoff was misunderstood. hahahahah!!