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  • chowning chowning Jan 23, 2012 2:59 PM Flag

    DNDN rise not much help

    Dendreon rises but prostate cancer patients continue to suffer.

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    • Now here is an ID I have seen in a while. Glad to see some old IDs still out there. I am not sure you follow Investor Village DNDN board, but interesting thread there about a friend of a poster whose Doc made some disparaging remarks. DNDN needs to address Docs concerns about provenge and price still. GLTU.

    • CHOWNING: Trademark infringing??

      Why would you risk being sued for publicly using the Dendreon word work? As stated, you could be liable for $100,000 in damaged, per each infringement.

      According to public records, $100,000 is about 33% more than the value of home home in Denison, Texas.

      Shame Shame.

      Word Mark DENDREON
      Goods and Services IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Research and development of pharmaceutical products for others. FIRST USE: 20040600. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20040600
      Design Search Code 05.03.08 - More than one leaf, including scattered leaves, bunches of leaves not attached to branches
      05.03.25 - Leaf, single; Other leaves
      26.03.13 - Ovals, exactly two (not concentric); Two ovals
      26.03.21 - Ovals that are completely or partially shaded
      26.03.28 - Miscellaneous designs with overall oval shape, including amoeba-like shapes and irregular ovals; Oval shape (miscellaneous overall shape)
      Trademark Search Facility Classification Code SHAPES-BAR-BANDS Designs with bar, bands or lines
      SHAPES-OVALS Oval figures or designs including incomplete ovals and one or more ovals
      VEG Plant life such as trees,flowers,fruits,grains,nuts,wreaths,and leaves
      Serial Number 78395105
      Filing Date April 1, 2004
      Current Filing Basis 1A
      Original Filing Basis 1B
      Published for Opposition March 29, 2005
      Registration Number 3581626
      Registration Date February 24, 2009
      Owner (REGISTRANT) Dendreon Corporation CORPORATION DELAWARE 3005 1st Avenue Seattle WASHINGTON 98121
      Attorney of Record Susan D. Berney-Key
      Prior Registrations 2465920;2470640;2530065
      Description of Mark Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.
      Type of Mark SERVICE MARK
      Register PRINCIPAL
      Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

    • I have no knowledge of CHOWNING's position on DNDN's stock, however he appears to be a bash-basher.

      Obviously you're no big time (short or long) trader in DNDN...

      • 1 Reply to eurotyle
      • I am not a basher at all. Read my past posts on this board. Granted, it has been awhile. I made a lot of money on DNDN way back when. I am just fed up with management. Yes, I should have taken more care with my recent post, but I think you will find, even on this board in the past some appreciation for the site.

        Just my attempt to comment on the company and prostate cancer treatments.

        Sorry, that it caused such a stir among you folks.

    • Opting for other treatments? Yea, like their are other appealing options.

      Sales are exploding as we speak IMO now that quick payment has been set up. Sad that it took that to get the ball rolling

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    • What an infantile attempt at a website. Spelling and grammar check someone! Oh, and please fix the content too.