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  • riverwalkerfont riverwalkerfont Jan 25, 2012 7:02 PM Flag

    Remember regarding the updated short interest

    showing an increase. They're not immune to losses, just like the rest of us. Just ask the 32,904,162 that were posted as of 12/30/2011. SLAUGHTERED! I mean FKN SLAUGHTERED! Is there any denying it? Well maybe. If you listen to likes of butthead,Juniper,yikersduck,imallin,expeirenceinvestor,robsfvn,dinglewoodie12,mr.kink42,shortmomo,kalanty33,gregory lynn,toppick63..., etc....etc. You'd swear to God they were up 95% instead of down that amount. (I like well trained shorts to think this way!)

    My point, which of course is JMHO...Shorts are going to continue getting SLAUGHTERED in 2012 and beyond here. Oh sure they'll have day's where they can come on here claiming victory, and tell you the CEO and CFO just sold 100,000 shares, or FDA will pull Provenge from the shelf. But in the long run, they’re foooooooooked! IMO

    If this beautiful dndn month of January 2012, is any indication of the rest of the year. Well enough said.

    I still thoroughly believe the risk reward here is so lopped sided in the longs favor that it’s almost insane, especially given the sales numbers Provenge is starting to see. My only real concern is the litigation regarding last year’s stock drop. As we all know these days’s everyone is sue happy. Pour a cup of hot coffee on yourself, and sue the company who made it. This case will likely take years, and maybe ultimately prove there was no wrong doing. I’ll let courts figure it out, and not put anyone on trial here.


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    • Agree with most exception the "hot coffee" thing. It has been hyped beyond belief. Here are the facts:

      McDonalds was GUILTY... read the facts. Frivolous lawsuits are indeed stupid and wasteful; this one was NOT frivolous.

      During discovery, McDonalds produced documents showing more than 700 claims by people burned by its coffee between 1982 and 1992. Some claims involved third-degree burns substantially similar to Liebecks. This history documented McDonalds' knowledge about the extent and nature of this hazard.

      Imagine having your family jewels scalded THIRD DEGREE.

    • I am with you. I followed this stock before the drug approval and was unable to buy it, before the massive run up. Then the management gave their re estimate of their sales and the shares took a dump to $10 to $12 range and I put it again on my monitor list and just a few weeks after that it dropped to under $7. I knew this stock was going to do great, because even in half the estimated sales, this stock was too cheap not to buy. So, I was given my opportunity and I jumped at it. After their sales came out, I started buying more in the $10's, $11's and $12's and $13's. I have a lot more shares in the under $7 shares, but I think this stock is way too cheap. I think even at $40 it is way too cheap. I know this stock and company will do great in the short and long term. It is time to still load up or buy as much as you can afford. We will go much higher and I want to be there. I just hope, nobody tries to buy this in the low $40's.

    • lol..5 stars just for citation of all those