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  • cdm511956 cdm511956 Feb 8, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    You can all thank computerized HFT

    For this nonsense today. Hope you all added on the dip.

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    • More like the market makers. Someone is accumulating big time, they just wanted to pay a lower price for it. No big, I got to add to my position too.

    • which is why I support taxing trades a bit. based on their volumes, it'd hit them much harder than us. these people are pure vultures and honest-to-goodness evil. there is NO redeeming value to what HF Traders do.

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      • these media folks keep talking about the low volume. duh, investing been so peverted that many now refuse to play. broker DARTs are at historical lows and they have only themselves to blame. even the eTrade baby got replaced! and don't just love it when wallstreet starts getting 20-30% bonus cuts. i totally agree with a transaction tax on everyone, but you know the MMs will be excluded so that's why we need the uptick rule reinstated, weekly options trashed, and leveraged ETFs closed down. obama failed to cleanup wallstreet when the financial crisis would have permitted but now it will never happen. what a waste he's been for reform. so, what can we do?

        1) buy the right stocks at good entry points
        2) forget about using margin
        3) don't use stop-loss orders
        4) ignore the media fearmongering
        5) choose an exit based on fundamentals
        6) hop off the ride when you reach your destination