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  • bhokom bhokom Nov 17, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    Numbers count

    current run rate is 860 scripts per quarter, which breaks down to, on average, 72 scripts per week. When the company goes above 90 scripts per week they have crossed the break-even threshold. Hence, the company only needs to gain a 25% increase in scripts (18) per week to match the break-even run rate. A 14% increase in community scripts quarter over quarter (2nd/3rd qrtrs) reveals the company is roughly 2 quarters away from achieving the break-even run rate if that trend continues.

    I expect the 2013 1st quarter report to show break-even run rate and the pps to cross 10, further increases for the 2nd quarter 2013 report will push the run rate above 100 scripts per week and show a profit as cogs drop below 50% and EU grants license to Dendreon...remember also Japan is not far behind EU...

    If the resident bashers didnt care they wouldnt be posting here, so enjoy their spirit to trash the company while all the time knowing they really just want shares dirt cheap. GLTA on both sides of the trade.

    Sentiment: Buy

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