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  • icn600 icn600 Jan 2, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

    Buyout looks like a good possiiity IMO

    12 to 15 bucks easy IMO

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • How long has this buy out news been floating around?

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      • Be realistic .. 70 percent is held by institutional and insiders.. A buy out will mean a fair assessment of value .. Which is 5pps plus rights to pipeline.. Assume at time a buyout is announced, a 25 to 100 percent premium over a pps from a price that occurred within a few weeks prior.. So December was 5.15 price. Buyout negotiations takes weeks or longer to negotiate in most cases. Meaning a company would have been talking to dndn in dec and offering 1.5 times the price then, as an example... Unless dndn gets to 10_ 15 range without a buyout, it s highly unlikely anyone would offer more than 9to 12 pps today. Now hold until eu approves, which will take this to 8, and positive earning( if it happens) and a distribution agreement... Then maybe it gets to the range mentioned here... But not next week..

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Johnson's share stock options have a strike price of around $14.17 He needs the share price above $14.17 to make anything for his own pocket on around 660k shares. If DNDN is sold look for a share price over $20 a share. If it hapens DNDN is one heck of a great buy at this level. All just an opinion.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • if true, then recent up move is mostly due to shorties trying to "quietly" cover. which actually makes perfect sense, because after all of last year's compression and manipulation, i don't see a wave of "new" buyers. people's nature is to "see" to believe before they start buying... i bet this recent upswing is all quiet covering by shorts that do not want to get their bAAlls caught in a vice.