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  • daveparker0808 daveparker0808 Feb 14, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    Our messages don't matter - Institutions are buying big time.

    I type to pass the time as I watch the stock move higher and my net-worth sky-rocket. Just fun for me and you sellers should have never bought this stock. You should have stuck the nickels you lost yesterday under your mattress with the other pennies. There are only a few big time retail investors here who are long and I am one of them. If it goes down and I sell, then I am a looser big time, if it goes up and I sell, then I am a bigger big time. It is just that simple. It is progressive cancer fighting company, which will be profitable in the next year after years of losses. I believe the price will continue to go up as it has since November 2012. The trend is up IMO, which the chart reflects.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy