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  • fodapeople fodapeople Feb 27, 2013 11:05 PM Flag

    reGulaTory Short


    FINRA and SEC Just did it 2 GRPN = sAme La Cosa Nostra

    Good Morning US CONGRESS PIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS and Black anti-christ President.
    The Party of Christ feeds U with a teeny tiny baby spoon filled with gerber baby food until THE END.
    it’s TUESDAY 2/27/2013 and
    The EVIL Man Awards SHOW
    Kumming 2 U from the home of Montana Banana Democrat Jon Tester and his
    PIGG Family.
    Alright, Thanks Everyone sez the Rev. Got my spoons 2. Wiil OUR first Guest please bring me the envelope with THE UNITED STAtes winnerS. Why it’s the black anti-christ president. What’s that on the back of your brillo pad O. Is that a 666 or SOS? U signed off 2 take wolves off the endangered list so they could be murdered and we heard NO OPPOSITION FROM U
    Makes Sense. Doesn’t it America?
    Christ waiTed and waited and waited 4 gOOd Man 2 sPeak. But There
    IS ONLY EVIL Man in US Congress.
    tHe InstanT That Bill was signed off, sAtaN sigNed off hIZ oN The DoTTeD lIne.
    1000 innocent animals butchered by EVIL Man and sAtans PIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS continue the slaughter. The difference being a wolve or us is ONLY SEEN BY SATAN.
    I will be introducing shortly THE CICERO KID. This is the real Chicagoan America. He PROTECTS the Earth and BLOOD and FLESH of Jesus Christ and u can find his birth certificate. He is NOT a pakisTani Imposter muslim terrorist along with hiZ sidedick Secretary of Inferior Salamanderzar PIGGGGGGGGG. DO NOT let this Pakistani imposter
    IN CHICAGO EVER. Where do u tweet 2day Pakistani?
    The blackhawks, cubs, bears, white sox and bulls R NOT HIZ,
    but the Pakastani sAtaneers R.
    YI YI YI YI YI YI Yi YI Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi Yi
    The wolves and animals R made out of the blood and flesh of Jesus Christ, just the way we R
    soon 2 b terminated man Kind PIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.
    WHAT DID U THINK Ignorant Man?
    Thank U President O for the envelope.
    And The Winners 2 b 4 the first 6 out of 34 cities and States that R KUMPLETELY destroyed, BROUGHT 2 U by EVIL MAN and Satans PIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS
    1. nYC – just call it EVIL Man Central
    2. mONtana
    3. Washington DC
    4. Wisconsin
    5. Wyoming
    6. Idaho
    And we’ll give u one more Illinois and we will not 4get Missouri.
    Your not far down either MICHIGAN.
    ALL 50 sTatEs have the MARK oF The bEast and EVIL Man.
    U want 2 b a PIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG America
    THEN U
    GET HIM.
    The warriors 4 Christ that fight 4 humanity C here. tHeY walk off on the job. nOthing 2 fight 4.
    America – Rich wiTh GREED and Poor with Integrity and Morality.
    And finally 1 MORE SLEEPER sez the Reverend
    U shake hAnds with Atlantis at Your Most Favorite
    sEafood dolphin and whale
    Do U like the sounds and sOnics
    frum the asteroids and meteorites being hurled at U
    SATAN And hIs LegioN
    They don’t always hit
    We R ALL a score 4 sAtan and he don’t add em up.
    Njoy America, b HapPy
    eat popcorn and butter it and watch yOursElf
    VanisH on CNN
    When the ONLY TV left is

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