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  • flightwithu flightwithu Mar 20, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    I want to cost average my long position, but have not really seen the weakness I wanted at mid 4's

    Thought it would trade a little lower with JJ's January guidance... Anyway if it does not hit mid 4's next week I'll cost average here..

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    • Try doing an option strategy such as selling puts.
      With the pps at 5.25, you could sell short the May 5.00 put for 0.44 and the Aug 5.00 put for 0.72 Your effective cost/share would be 4.56 and 4.28 respectively if shares were to be put to you. If it stays above 5.00 at options exp, then you keep the premium. I just began selling puts on DNDN this week, with the anticipation of selling more on further price declines. This is just a way to make some extra money. You should still at least maintain a small core position in shares/calls.

    • Lets see?! Toy don't call $5+ a weakness? Look at a chart. Check the bollingers, MACD, CCI, RSI learn what they can tell you and then add cautiously. Or do by "feeling in the seat of your pants" and wait for something bad.

    • Waiting for a drop in the price of a already undervalued company is a fools game. That said, I call this recent action is accumulation as opposed to distribution because the money-flow has remained steady (& positive).
      I wonder if the SEC isn't in bed with the guys manipulating the price. They sure as heck aren't doing there jobs...time to write them again to investigate irregular trading.