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  • truthbtold1967 truthbtold1967 Jun 30, 2013 2:13 AM Flag

    Please Read

    As I stated weeks ago, I never suggest anyone to buy or sell a particular stock. In fact, I urge people to be cautious, do their own research, and invest wisely but most importantly don't buy or sell based only on the Message Boards.
    I am simply sharing a few of my investments that I made in May and June of this year while making friendly banter regarding my choices and the realistic insight of companies that I chose to invest. In May, I invested in Sinovac (SVA) at $3.38, (Currently trading $3.95 and will continue to rise upon 3rd Q financial results and drug approval-whichever comes first). In June, I executed a buy order of Dendreon (DNDN) once at $3.90, then another buy at $3.92. (It is currently trading at $4.12, a modest gain but nevertheless a gain of 6%) My investment goal with DNDN would be $5.00, which would provide me with a solid 25%+ return. Anything above $5.00, I will consider gravy. That is my strategy and I know it is solid, reasonable, and WILL happen. In the meantime, I am welcomed by a few hostile, angry and seemingly depressed people who are very upset that I and many other individuals made our particular investment choices, apparently different from their own. Without knowing me or my strategy, I was labeled an idiot, a Pumper and stupid. Although, I truly believe the Basher(s) is written by someone who purchased Dendreon one or two years ago at a much higher cost, ($30+) and has been watching very painfully as the share price plummeted to historic lows. Because many prudent investors purchased DNDN at rock bottom prices - (I bought in two different times,$3.92 and $3.90) the anger built up to a point of obsession, where every day only negative comments and hostile name-calling makes him feel better. I find it very disturbing and very sad they feel it necessary to use such tactics in a feeble attempt to persuade other people from making an investment purchase of Dendreon at these low prices, which must remind him of his own great FAILURE.

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