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  • george4777 Aug 8, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Who was in the green and did not sell cause they were too greedy

    Greed is why most of us bag holders are here, we too where in the green at one time but we got greedy and hung on and this is what we get

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    • George, if what you say about your personal experience is true, you deserve a lot of credit for looking honestly into a mirror. There are many who got greedy (Bominireal the primary one -- even crazy Carol didn't get in until $13 or so). I harvested shares that cost an average 4.10 for 54.28, but even I had some residual faith in Dendreon and two years ago, August 2011, held 4K shares that dropped from my $38 buy to just $13 in a heartbeat. Even after that shock, I am still ahead half a million and owe DNDN for a comfortable retirement. When DNDN was briefly in the 50s in May 2010, expecting more was pure greed.

    • In all seriousness. We have probably all made some $$ along this rollercoaster. Even after todays beating I still feel optimistic about this company. I know it is crazy! I believe the $6 to $20 something (April 2009) has us all hanging on. When you look at the facts Prostate Ca is the leading cancer for men (after skin) and most curable if treated/staged in time - you'd think that this would be a no brainer.

    • Who would sell dndn stock for $4 that is earning more revenue per quarter than its competition MDVN which is priced at $57 per share?? Isn't that the question to ask?

    • when it was 50 something I was! going to change my username to redDNDN4evr