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  • vtunas Aug 10, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    One more time! It all about timing.

    I bought a few years ago and was lucky enough that the drug got its approval on the following Monday norning, and DNDN sky rocketed to $20, it eventually climbed to touch $50. I sold quickly because that weekend was like this weekend when bashing is at its best. I did make some good mula, but could had made more if I had not been so worried reading this board. DNDN owns 53%, so take over is not possible, and DNDN is not interested with partners because they want to do it alone, since they owned world wide rights. Remember that the drug is approved, it works, they built the facilities to make the drug and is operating at only 10% of capacity. When other countries come on they come on line...drug sales will improve, everyone knows that, but it takes time. So, just invest what you can for the long run, and be ready to capture your rewards. At this level is like taking you to the water, and you are not wiling to drink it. Good luck to all, Im now long, again and waiting to see what happens.

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