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  • jozej jozej Aug 14, 2013 8:28 AM Flag

    Short squeeze will start

    when you least expect.
    Don't play with short bet on biotechnology company which has unique FDA approved product with p/s=1,5 and generates over $300 million revenues per year.
    News pending: EU approval, partnership announcement, very possible and probable buyout bid.
    Over 50 millions stock short (with 4,2 million daily average volume).
    Many of investors are asking themselves if they will notice the start of short squeeze. Off course you will but that day it will start at least at +50% and finish at +100%. Next day it will open at least at +50% and finish at +100% and so on to $15 or $25. I don't exclude even new all time high. These days will come sooner than you think and short sellers hope.

    And longs, do not be angry on short sellers because short sellers will lift the price to sky highs. So short sellers are better for longs than other longs. Longs should be thankful to short sellers.
    And don't forget that short sellers need to bash only good stocks. So until you see a lot of bashers, don't worry about the prospects of particular stock.

    Don't ask me when will short squeeze start, I can tell you only it will sooner than you think, there is more than enough reasons for that and short sellers know that and that is why they are so busy with bashing the DNDN stock.

    See you at $20.

    GLTA and thanks in advance to all hardworking short sellers!

    p.s.: Some short squeezes only in 2013 where I participated on the long side were FNMA, INO, YRCW, BCRX.
    Especially INO and BCRX were bashed hardly with the same arguments as DNDN but INO and BCRX doesn't have any FDA approved product and they in fact don't generate any revenues. Those arguments about bankruptcy and high debt at BCRX were talked each and every day just before it started its run up. Since than it exploded up for course thanks to the BCRX short players.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Totally Agree, many reason to stay invested. Contrarian Investing to Analyst Bashing!

    • You seem very experienced and with a lot of knowledge. I was in BCRX also but went out just before the shortsqueeze started. It really looked BCRX will disappear in the dust but instead of ending, we saw rocketing up. But unfortunately I was to scared to hold due to all the negative press which had been around BCRX a few months before and had been intensifying just to the beginning of the squeeze start.
      Holding a DNDN is a much different and easy story. It has some substantial, it generates real revenues and it has FDA approval and like you said with so many pending news it is no brainer.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • One more thing about DNDN. Don't be so naive to believe to those investors and so called analysts who claim DNDN and Provenge is on the way down. Just the opposite, with different marketing model, Provenge is on the begining of it's era. You will see what will do a sales department from a bigger pharma company with Provenge. Just wait and see.
      Once again I am warning you not to let the smart money to steal your shares at these funny prices. I wish you would be with me before the runs up in mentioned short squeezes. You could find so many similarities in negative propaganda from analysts, investors and media.
      Don't understand me wrongly, do what you want to do, it is going for your own money. But before selling remember why you bought DNDN, because of Provenge, FDA approved unique immunotherapy with least side effects for prostate cancer patients. And that is also the main and the only reason why big pharma will buy out a DNDN. They don't care for the management of DNDN, they don't care for the marketing model of DNDN, they don't care for the organization model of sales department in DNDN, only thing what they care for is Provenge. Everything else in DNDN can be changed, only Provenge can't. Big pharma companies know it better than you think.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy