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  • yaljeu59 yaljeu59 Sep 5, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    Wall Street's Hottest Stock - Must Read in Full Immediately!

    Wall Street hottest stock is currently Envivio (ENVI), which gained 6.5% on Tuesday, 6% on Wednesday and 29% afterhours on Wednesday after reporting fiscal 2Q 2014 revenues of $11.548 million and a net loss of ($2.48 million) or ($0.09) per share. Compared to fiscal 2Q 2013, ENVI grew revenues by 7% while reducing its net loss by 42%. ENVI has 27.6mm shares outstanding and finished afterhours trading at $3.60 with a market cap of $99.36mm. After subtracting ENVI's cash position of $52.563mm, ENVI has an enterprise value at $3.60 of $46.797mm. With trailing 12 mo revenues of $33.934mm, ENVI has an enterprise value/revenue ratio at $3.60 of 1.38.

    ENVI's multi-screen video delivery business is receiving huge orders from two Tier 1 U.S. pay-TV operators, one of them being Time Warner Cable (TWC). However, despite ENVI rising 49% during the past week, it has now posted 6 straight quarterly net losses. If you are looking for the next stock in this tech space to rise 49% within a week - look at Concurrent (CCUR), which just reported their 6th straight quarterly net profit. Over the past 5 quarters, CCUR has grown its EPS from $0.02, to $0.04, to $0.08, to $0.11, and to $0.26.

    CCUR will file its 10-K any day now and just like ENVI, CCUR will report huge order increases from two Tier 1 U.S. pay-TV operator clients, one of them being TWC - who is using the technology of both ENVI and CCUR for multi-screen video delivery. CCUR's 10-K will likely show record annual free cash flow of over $6.2mm vs. ENVI's latest trailing free cash flow of negative ($20mm). CCUR is the biggest gem on Wall Street and at its current price of $7.86, CCUR has an enterprise value/revenue ratio of only 0.64!

    To match ENVI's multiple of 1.38, CCUR needs to rise 68% to $13.19 per share, which could happen very quickly! If you own CCUR at the close of trading on Wednesday of next week you will receive a huge $0.12 per share cash dividend payment! CCUR just doubled its dividend and pays a 6.1% yield!