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  • peixmole peixmole Nov 13, 2013 9:10 PM Flag


    NO idiot spends all day and night bashing a 2.50 stock think about it.......there is an agenda and its a buyout. Acquirer cronies trying to keep it sub 5.00. I use to work for a broiler room op. KARMA to all those who don't come clean

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    • "Acquirer cronies trying to keep it sub 5.00"
      I suspect this is the case...THE ACQUIRER, whoever it is....

    • I have been saying the same thing for a while now. What lunatic would sit at their computer and type negative messages all day and all evening if truly the company/product was a complete failure? Who would put that much energy into a smear campaign unless there was a hidden agenda associated with their posts? There is absolutely no ring of logic to do such a thing. First and foremost, you must realize a few of these User ID's (Butt_Boy, RobGolden, Sweetpeter and Dinglewoodie are absolutely the same clown. The posts are always on the same time and they always answer each other, He makes a desperate attempt to appear that there is a real interest and agreement with his bashing remarks. But I uncovered him a while ago and have learned to ignore him because he brings nothing of substance to the table for anyone with non-chemotherapy, Prostate cancer drug therapy interest. The fact Provenge works and people on this board lie and claim that its worthless and doesn't work is a real slap in the face to the ten's of thousand of people that have benefited from Provenge. The fact it has helped so many people live a little longer to be with their families and children should be rejoiced, not minimized. The only thing I can say is that it is mean spirited and very unsettling, especially when losing a close friend to the disease, I cannot help feel the same way you do. Karma is a #$%$, and it bites back with twice the vengeance. The Buttboy/Dinglewoodie is a posterboy for the 5 steps of Grief and he is in complete denial right now (Step 1). He appears to be insane with anger, jealousy and bitterness, but usually those emotions play out over time but you can read it in his words. That has been my job for many years, to understand and get to the root of people's hostility and anger issues And it can be just as easily diagnosed in their writing as to being face to face listening to them bark on about the Government. Like I have lived and taught, truth prevails, DNDN $10+ soon