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  • investorgold2002 investorgold2002 Feb 27, 2010 5:08 PM Flag

    who are the debt holders?

    anybody knows who is the creditor ? is it a bank , syndicate of banks or other ?

    is the debt secured or is there any part that is unsecured ?

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    • Last 15 minutes of today, Tuesday that is.

    • Hedge fund fake out the last 15 minutes of yesterday. All aboard!

    • Here's what's important:

      - huge volume and stock up big recently

      - turn around consultant brought in by banks to put together business plan and line up financing

      - same store sales turning positive and huge e.p.s. beat

      Stock will be at least a double withing 6 months.

    • actually it's over of 40% of free float. You can get this number lower only if you count Breeden's shares as float. Which is a question, if he is ready to provide his shares to shorters.

    • I'm glad someone besides me sees this as huge opportunity. Feels good to see someone else with a brain on here. thanks Herbert.

    • stkhnd has is own agenda, he doesnt give a rats ass about any one on here. 90% of these message boards are filled with dumbshits. I am simply speaking of upside vs downside risk. Everyone on Gods planet knows that Zales is struggling at the moment and Zales has a thin line of credit close to default. that is not the argument here. stkhnd gets off track with the topic like a scatter brain. Zales fundamentals are changing. Zales will be getting capital infusion to stave them from bankruptcy. Zales margins and costs are improving. Zales is still a very reputable name in the Diamond industry. I arrived here when Zales was trading in the $2.00 range. I still havn't purchased any shares. I am looking for an entry point. Zales is priced for Bankruptcy at the moment. If Zales gets cash. Zales is going to $10. Now I know we are dealing with a great amount of risk at the moment. However, This could be a superb opportunity to buy at these levels. In the CC it was made clear that they are going to get cash in 90 days. Choose your entry point. Because when the deal is announced, this is going to take off like a rocket to heaven. You would have to be absolutley nuts to be short at this stage. So how is stinkynd trying to help me? to go short here? That would be dumber than his girlfriend sally.

    • " I have never said in any of my post that killion is doing a fine job" your words Mr. Common.

      Another post by you "I do believe that it really doesn't matter that Killion is a turnaround guru or not, even though I think he's doing a fine job so far".

      these are both cut and paste from your postings, less than 24 hours apart.

      you can't have it both ways.

      your insults and name calling are really getting to me. ouch!

    • lol. fonedude. its however he prefers sally. Just to make things clear. I am not arguing that Zales hasn't lost money the last several quarters and I'm not arguing that it has razor thin credit line close to default. This is why we are trading under $2.50. I just get a kick out some on here that there is certain bankruptcy in the cards. I am looking from the ground up. others on here are looking from the top down. If Zales gets the captital infusion they are looking for, they will not go bankrupt. If They can keep margins above 50% and a continuation of lowering costs. Zales will be back in business. Zales has reported profits in the second and third quarter in the past. I believe they can do it again really soon. The biggest misconception on this board is that Zales is going bankrupt. and even if they don't , they will struggle. Let me make this clear. If Zales avoids bankruptcy, and is given more time. This stock will be trading above $5.oo.

    • Commondollar,

      You've got me confused too. Is sally on the pickle boat or off the pickle boat? I've searched the internet and can't find any explanation of just who Sally is or what her pickle boat is about. Any elaboration is appreciated.

      To clarify, Zale lost money (the tax item is non-operating) in its big quarter of the year (the one that just ended). Even with bringing inventory down, there is only a razor-thin $17 million of credit availability. That is not good at all.

      Of course a lot of private equity players are taking a look, but nobody has stepped up with anything near a firm proposal and the stock has fallen hard for two straight days after the giddy runup.

      Cite me one example of a retail jewelry chain the last five years that has managed to get an infusion or restructure without going Chapter 11 or Chapter 7. That is the relevant question here.

    • " I am only addressing your argument point, by point"

      This is the furthest from the truth. You are a word fumbler. I said you are grouping killion with Goldberg. You are the guilty by association type guy, no wonder you are confused. I have never said in any of my post that killion is doing a fine job. Now you are mistating prior post, and making stuff up. Your just as bad as Goldturd. I did say that the process has been started for a turnaround, if you paid attention to the financials, you would find out they have been improving (margins, capex, cost reductions, debt). Like I said before , the only thing hurting Zales is the cash on Hand. Now If you could read , you would know that I stated in my prior post that Apollo group has a new management team in place as part of new potential deal. Including some original Zale managment. Appel in my opinion is the man behind the process change that has allready been implemented.

      Go ahead and josh around your offbeat opinions, but your just making yourself look like a fraud when you can't even follow things that were said in prior post on the message boards. I would go back and copy and paste it all. But I just don't think your worth it, and I'd rather not waste my time. by the way to clairfy. You are sally on the pickle boat. If you don't know what that means, ask someone. I don't feel I should have to explain this to you.

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