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  • cwtripps cwtripps Dec 14, 2011 10:40 AM Flag

    I love this company, but it got ahead of itself

    you had weeks to buy at didn't take it. now you bash?

    just admit you missed it super cheap

    it also pulled back 2 times in last few days to a decent entry including today near 80. did you take it?
    if not you blew it again

    1.50 soon

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    • My average cost is .38 Look at my post history and you'll see that I've been buying and have been in the game with Fuse before they were Fuse. My position is very healthy, but I can't continue to be a cheerleader in hopes that people buy at these levels. I sold some yesterday when it really got over-heated, but I'm still in the game and love the story.

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      • I took a double today. I will look to get in again should the price hit the 50s-60s. I agree that Fuse is moving up too high too fast but that's what we have now and it's all speculation. Last week saw those large buy orders come in and they left with a double for their efforts. We'll muddle around a bit and I expect, short of any company news, that the stock will move down a bit, hopefully somewhere close to my target. I'll put a limit order in and in the next day or two we might see me in again. Congrats to all who profited like me and hope we'll see great days for this company.

    • Oh no..I'm sorry if I came across that way...I do not mean to bash it in any way...In fact, I am a long on this one. I was just curious to try to understand where you were coming from...that's all.
      Looking forward to the 1.50 you mentioned :)