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  • cwtripps cwtripps Dec 20, 2011 8:25 PM Flag

    Willie Gault, sports celebrity endorser

    compaing a washed up athlete like that to the 10 or so celebrities we got here is ridiculous

    tiger woods, big papi , and others are all current players, and in their prime

    so sick of the BS smears

    every day there is a pump and dump or fraud out there..just look at our financial system sheesh..or DC

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    • It has nothing to do with pump and dump. Willie Gault is just the same marketing model used with Tiger and FUSE. Not saying Tiger is a Willie Gault but all it takes is news like this and that erodes the confidence of some buyers to wait, and encourages a few holders to sell. At the margin a micro cap stock like this feels the full brunt. I sold on the news, I had to as the only reason I was in it was because it will get marketing appeal from tigers endorsement, now that appeal will be questioned until Fuse has a product, it yet has no product so my reason to own stock was left with nothing. If they get a viable patent i will look at it again but until then the sellers will rule this stock.