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  • hepa1 hepa1 Dec 28, 2011 7:29 PM Flag

    Yes there's a product release, but there's

    tuna you are a real character. first you drop some crap about sales that never materializes, then you pump management calling tuffin some kind of genius, now you are pumping again about a new name to pimp this stock.

    You are headed for an 0-3 record, and you are losing credibility Fast, if you haven't already!

    if you have any connections with the idiots running this company get them to produce and not just blow hot air with sweet sounding PR's.

    This is not the way to build shareholder value! this is more like how a fradulent company stays in business!!!


    P.S. I want to believe, but I am getting more disappointed by the day.

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    • hepa- it's not my job to make you believe, I truly don't care what you believe. I of course can't come out and say exactly what I'm hearing, but think global and active. By the way, I'm batting a thousand. The revenue comments are privileged and I never touted anyone as a genius. Be careful what you say and consider just why you're disappointed. It shouldn't have anything to do with Fuse.