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  • pennypicker84 pennypicker84 Jan 6, 2012 11:20 AM Flag

    The CEO of Fuse was formerly CEO of another pump & dump

    Brian Tuffin, CEO of Fuse was formerly CEO of Title Sports Drink, a pump and dump trading under the BGEM ticker. Brian was CEO for roughly 6 months before the stock completely tanked and investors got looted blind. Notice how his history at Title is NOT disclosed in his company bio for Fuse. For proof of his history at Title:

    Title Sports Drink's facebook page shows Brian Tuffin as CEO:

    Corporate wiki lists him as CEO. The source for this page is the Florida Department of State (the same state Fuse is located in):

    Title was a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Gem Enterprises (Pink:BGEM) which is currently trading at less than a penny.

    BGEM was pumped by legendary pump & dumper Corporate Evolutions as disclosed in BGEM's filings:

    A quick google for Corporate Evolutions reveals a litany of SEC complains and pump & dump connections.

    Blue Gem employed the same exact playbook as Fuse. They endorsed otherwise hard to endorse athletes such as Terrell Owens:

    Kevin Sepe was former CEO of BGEM before Brian took over. The Texas SEC issued a Cease and Decist order against another of Sepe's former companies for pump & dump practices.

    Tracing back the Sepe and Tuffin roots further shows a whole slew of pump & dumps and connections to fraudulent companies.

    BGEM had an illegal prepayment agreement with Title Sports whereby publicly owned BGEM paid the private subsidiary Title $1m+ in revenue from their products in advance:

    Basically, BGEM kept all expenses and liabilities in the public entity, while transferring all product revenues into the private entity, Title Sports. The public stock obviously crashed, but Title executives were able to profit off both the pump and dump AND by keeping all product revenues in the private entity. Notice how this is consistent with their structure for Fuse, which is a wholly owned private subsidiary of Dougle Eagle Holdings. After his stint at Title Sports Brian Tuffin left to begin working at Fuse.

    I'm posting this information as a public service. Do with it what you will.

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    • Tuffin got penny in bluegem how much u lose. Please remember we have our hard earned money in tghis stock hope u sleep good driving down the price

    • Why not

    • Penny,

      Allow me to be the first to congratulate on your brilliant expose' of Enerjel. That's what good old-fashioned hard-hitting investigative journalism is all about! That's Pullitzer stuff, baby!

      You state you have no position in the stock, which, um yeah....begs the question: WHY.....ARE....YOU....HERE?

    • Actually the link you shared is just the hype about the product. Ultimately, the filings state that the topical gel is really only potentially helpful as a BEAUTY product.

      Enerjel has no real effect on muscle recovery -- it is all placebo and the filings prove it regardless of Fuse's marketing front end.

    • Pudd Double, I usually refrain from engaging with dullard individuals who feel the need to derogate anothers sign on in a response, however you seem fixated on my sexuality (my bet, is a bit of jealously of what you cannot give your MAN!)

      Actually for once you are correct. I did have "a level of care" initially (hence they way it was worded..) After a reasonable amount of research it became less of a concern due to my findings. Again, relating to the way it was worded.. Antithetical? Absolutely not, however you do not seem to know how to ask a question you are compelled simply state a be all, end all, partisan opinion, as genius and articulate as your responses are.

      I am glad you matriculated from somewhere.

      Clearly you could not have made up all of your typical responses unless you matriculated from a fine university like UNC. If I were are a Tar Heel, I would be ashamed to say you might be an alumni..

      Here are some of your highly intelligent contributions to this board. (Sell your shares, leave; I drive a Honda, cracked windshield; Fine, dump your stock and leave; JFC; Super, leave now, you won't be missed; Dump it and leave. Please; JFC; Get off the meth pipe; Sell and leave,,,,easy; Perfect, sell your shares and leave; Shut up, have another bong hit; Fine, sell your shares and move on; You remind of a twelve year old girl, constantly flipping her hair around; The funny part is, I cannot stand Tiger. He is an immoral POS, who simply felt like it was okay to continue ramming his wenis into foreign bodies not married to...;

      I like this one.....I am not "fantasizing" about you. Coco maybe, but definitely not you. Don't tell Sammy.... :); For God's sake, cocoho, get a vibrator and lighten up.

      All very relevant to DROP and the business. I am sure that every person who received your highly engaging, thought provoking words is now a stock picking prodigy. Good Job!

      As for my educational background. I would have been overjoyed to have spent time at some discount school in Florida, wearing flip flops a tube top and flaunting my fabulous gut. And it is fabulous. However, I spent snow filled semesters flaunting a Parka over my fine "gut" and walking in Northeasters to class at a small school. Ever heard of Brown University? It's certainly not to the academic powerhouse of UNC :(. No, we have to actually take the SAT and score above 1350, plus have a minimum 3.80 in HS just to be considered and in most cases that unfortunately will not get you in. UNC?? Well you know the tough standards to get in there... Good Job by the way, not Duke or Wake Forest but the State School of UNC.... I am sure you could have easily gotten in to those discount Universities with your flip flops and tube top.

      I regret not matriculating at UNC, where I could aspire to give Hot Air Balloon Rides on the weekends.... Oh well, I guess I will just have to be ok with wearing my Flip Flops, wearing my tube top, showing off my fine gut and listen to the sounds of the ocean..

      Your words have made us all better human beings. Thank you for the time and most importantly the effort you put in to each and every one of your edified responses. You have moved me...

    • Cocoho,

      "I could care less" implies you have a level of care, which is antithetical to your point. I matriculated from UNC, not some discount Florida school, where you rocked your flip-flops, tube top and gut. But hey, some chicks are just big-boned.

    • Always appreciated Hepa. :)

    • Cocomobound,

      In the third paragraph of your missive the two "there" should be "their".

      Just thought I would be helpful.

    • Great research...I've been focusing on Adam Adler's fraudulent past and had not even dug into Mr. Tuffin. You don't have to look very hard to find a very deceptive organization...I just wonder how they keep getting away with it?

    • Post the link where Brian Tuffin is CEO with BGEM in SEC filing!

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