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  • notoriousbono notoriousbono Jan 9, 2012 7:54 PM Flag

    management allowed some guy who had aconvertible bond worth about $500,000

    u mean the guys who handed off CASH to this company deserves a payback??? LOL

    they didn't hand off anything. the stock/company was unproven at the time and they are allowed by law to buy shares at that price you total LOSER because they issued a bond to him

    before DROP had a vision and product to sell, it was a shell double eagle company. wake up

    risk/reward. that guy is winning. you are not. all you do is bash people and stocks!

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    • One important note. These investor(s) gave hundreds of thousands of dollars back in May/June of 2011. The share price was .04 in May and .05 in June. They got a slight discount to invest real money. It paid off!!

      They were just settled at .0367 per share. A huge win for them? Absolutely. But,they went in to this blind. All they had was a business plan and the hopes it would pay off. You want to knock them for that?? You are just jealous that it was not you.

      The dilution that occurred was due to the fact that another group wanted to keep their position in stock versus cash out. This is as bullish a sign as there is. They see the future, all 17M shares of it.

      Please keep bashing, just find something to bash. The athletes are right, the investors from the 8k are right, long term growth here.