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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h Jun 13, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

    So far so good - seekingalpha makes me nervous

    This little wild riding is developing into a big surprise thus far. But the article by SeekingAlpha always makes me nervous holding those stocks. Those people rarely get it right for the long term, very rarely.

    So, you must forget about the fact that the company has had a lousy history in just about everything they've done, and never really made any money. Who knows? Those people might get this stock into $5 again.

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    • A bunch of idiots keep posting garbage on this board. They have no idea what they're doing.

      What I would like to do is to challenge those shorts/sellers to get it down as low as possible. Let's see what you bunch really got. I would love to see the stock to go under $2.50 again.

      The real problem is a bunch of big stock holders have been manipulating the stock price, shamelessly. That's the reason I unloaded 2/3 of my holding at $4.76. What do you know? I was correct, but not exactly catching the top and the bottom.

    • If " me nervous holding those stocks" then who is holding you up with a gun from selling/ Most likely your total investment is less than $500 in this position... so stop worrying; bashing etc... take your pennys and play the lottery.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yea, the same happen with Google; MircoSoft; Amzon must I go on

    • You can be serious as the last ramp up of the technology this shot to 60$ in 2004. - In 2000 the tech boom , this traded around 160$ a share........ Next year growth is sales stated at 35% growth and .2 earnings for the turning year according to Yahoo... Similar growth in 2015 would yield about 70-cents of EPS, giving it a P/E of 5 based on current levels. . Then the pipeline on new chips kick in. During its Q1 earnings call, PXLW management told investors that it had exited the quarter with “the most robust licensing pipeline” it has seen to date. It generates 50% gross margins and has plenty of capacity to grow......... The patents alone are worth the PPS............ 4K is the future The company keeps itself on the cutting-edge by investing over $20 million a year into R&D. The new co-developed chip- new 4K license, Ultrabook Display Processor , Tablet,

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      • It never traded 160 lol. The highest it ever traded was below 50, it had a 1:3 reverse split in 2008, heloooo!

      • If we are to speculate on future PPS potential based on past highs, then you might as well have invested in Palm. Ultrabooks and Tablets will never use this technology, as they would not be willing to pay for yet another chip and space is very limited in those devices. Also, last earnings call the CFO stated quite honestly that IP business was nearly nothing...

        The space is also very crowded with cheaper Taiwanese competitors, which is why their TV business has failed.

    • Well the fact that Pixelworks has a high chance of being the supplier for the ITV displays, that changes the entire dynamics of the situation. Now it's a llottery ticket stock... especially that ITV is supposed to be the product that outs apple back on top again

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The real problem is people are blatantly lying about iTV business. Nobody, nowhere has ever said such a thing, and Gomes clearly said it was speculation of the highest order.

    • Wow!

      Sold 2/3 of my position at $4.76 after hour and pre-market. Have to love those shorts - they're chasing it now.

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      • Well, great move today. I'm locking in half profit at $3.59. Ride with the other half.

        I like the long term picture. Short term? Let's hope this is not chasing the shorts again.

      • Boy, did you see those idiots hated my posts when the stock hit $5?

        I reloaded yesterday at $3.28. I was hoping it would hit $3. But I'm not going for the exact number, and I never go for that kind of trading - not profitable. I like the sentiment reversal from super-bullish amongst those bigger traders, to completely trashing the stock in must a few days after it hit the high. Way too emotional from those shorts.

        I like the fact that the chart seems to show much higher moves still ahead - in months/years terms. Anyhow, just my quick thought - I like to stick with my winners.

      • Well, remember my trade at $4.76? I thought I was early in selling some!

        Now, I'm looking to reload it back. Looks like some big traders are really getting killed in the last two days. LOL

      • Again, wow!

        Big reversal on the highest volume for 3 and half hour trading. That's why I was nervous about those blind pumping. This message board is starting to look like full of clueless newbies and gamblers.

        Margin calls coming up? Big shareholders are getting out for sure.

      • Actually, you have to love the rumor mongers, not only buying up shares on the rumor that PXLW supplies the video to the iTV, but ALSO that the iTV doesn't even exist!!!
        This double-rumored run-up is too funny!!!!!

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