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  • fujigrower fujigrower Dec 31, 2012 10:12 PM Flag

    2012 DAIO Challenge Final Results


    WilliamKelly +381 

    RAS +19

    UCFC +128

    BXG +234

    Spenc +313
    HOV +366

    GSAT -39

    BSQR --14

    Fujigrower +170

    IKAN +100

    OPWV +84

    BSQR -14

    CaminoCasa +74 

    WRN -8 

    SIGA +4 

    TVL +78

    ClaimDigger +11 

    LRN +14

    BSQR -14

    GVP +11

    HardRock +10 

    CSX -6

    DOLE +33

    NR -17

    Mrchw +5
    ACPW +2 

    Covr -31 

    Evol +34

    DBN -4 

    AXTI -33

    DEPO +20

    AUTO.OB +9

    Paul2 -102 

    CKSW -12 

    PNP.TO -42 

    AXU -48

    ShoreDaddy -122 

    GERN -5 

    ALTI -88 

    AMSC -29

    TabbySan -125

    DAIO -56 

    GRO -34

    TSL -35 

    Ohrick -211

    SVU -70 

    SSN -61 

    CNEP -88

    DAIO Challenge 36 Pick Average +11
    Dow +7
    S+P +13
    NASDAQ +15

    William Kelly rode three solid picks to crush the field in the 2012 DAIO Challenge. Spenc made a late surge behind the stunning 366% gain by SURG to claim second place. Yours truly, the proverbial "blind squirrel" managed to squeeze in 3rd followed by CaminoCasa and ClaimDigger.

    Tabby's -125 came close but still wan't good enough to dislodge Ohrick's -211 for back-of-the-pack honors.

    As a group our 36 stock average was a slightly embarrassing +11%.... 2% below the S+P gain and 4% below the NASDAQ. 16 picks were gainers and 20 dropped. Ouch.

    William Kelly wins not only the honor of the 7th and last DAIO Challenge but also "the loot" from 11 other contestants. William can us know where he wants this year's big haul delivered to.

    It is with regret the Rules Committee has decided this will be the last DAIO Challenge. The contest has been a fun, interesting and potentially valuable way to share ideas on undervalued micro cap tech stocks. Continuing the contest, however, would require DAIO to continue as a publicly traded company for 12 more months. After 8+ years of studying the company as an investor, it is abundantly clear that business model no longer makes sense. Data I/O's revenue stream is simply too small to support the financial burden and management distraction required to stay publicly traded. It needs to be acquired and wrapped under a larger organizations umbrella. The sooner, the better.

    Thanks to all contestants who've made these 7 DAIO Challenges so much fun.

    Congrats to William Kelly... and good luck to everyone in 2013.


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    • Wow---havent stopped by i a long time---maybe you remember me---some pretty impressive numbers there congrats to all you guyz--and thanks for sharing---i like this board and want to check out the new picks---thanks guyz and enjoy your success

    • Thanks Fugi for running the challenge and for all your insightful posts throughout. It has been an entertaining event that I will miss. I hope all have a happy and profitable new year. I will be happy to provide my address, just email me at I am looking forward to all the wonderous items that will soon be heading my way.

      Thanks again and good luck to all. Hopefully we will all meet on another board and we can recommence the challenge.

      aka williamkellejamiehenry

    • Thanks Fuji for all your most insightful posts during the year and for sponsoring the DAIO "Challenges." Happy New Year to you and yours.

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