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  • RealBeauMec RealBeauMec Feb 27, 2003 2:23 PM Flag


    What do you calculate the "correct" market value for ARI to be now, considering the dividend, growth prospects, location, etc.?

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    • ARI's NAV is reported at $26.38 per last RSR (Realty Stock Review). There is no true and correct value for a reit. NAV is based upon the revenue generating potential of a reit which includes a variable for vacant office space.

    • ... sorry about this intrusion but I wanted to see if I could contact "RealBeauMec" regarding OCQ. My pseudonym is the Not version of OCQ's pres/CEO, a site I monitor quite often...

      A few weeks ago he was on OCQ's bulletin board so I wanted to tell him that OCQ is making its move up now (for last two days actually)and should be a fair profit if you get in between 10.80 and 12 (it was up to 11.30 the last time I checked today (up 44 cents today alone). If you do take this advice PLEASE GET OUT BY JUNE 1ST (or at least bail out by mid-June at the latest). OCQ mgt has indicated that their going barebones for a while (they missed meeting creditors' loan covenants again this qtr so the creditors will force them to be more efficient so OCQ could peak anywhere between 14.75 and 16.40 is my best guess.) OCQ is quite cyclical and now (late Feb) is when they start the ride uphill, regardless of the Bush War Syndrome affecting the market in general. If you see the big investors start pulling out of OCQ once it breaks through 14 [you'll see higher volume and the price dropping] bail out then and don't wait. Otherwise ride this pony and make at least 20% next qtr. Please check my OCQ posting #1055 if you think today's advice is just BS. I've been monitoring OCQ for years and have only had to be slightly vague on my high/low range predictions because OCQ hasn't been in this much of a financial bind before, but I have confidence in how the creditors will control OCQ and get them back on track. You can take this advice or...

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