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  • upby2 upby2 Oct 23, 2000 9:16 PM Flag

    Truth in the small details...

    Truth in the small details...

    There are a
    lot of great services on the internet that do some
    pretty handy stuff, especially for investors, but as
    technology evolves so too do these features. Here's a great
    new one that has an invaluable

    It's called Sleuth and what it does is track the most
    important details about a company. For example, a friend of
    mine told me that he subscribes to it for a certain
    stock and one morning the Sleuth emailed him that the
    company had purchased a couple new domain names (web site

    From that, he was able to ascertain that they were
    moving into a new business area and one that he felt
    certain would succeed.

    Imagine, hypothetically,
    that you were holding MSFT and you got a sleuth report
    that they had bought the domain

    Wouldn't that be an early heads-up that they were going to
    take on eBay long before the world saw the press
    release? Just a hypothetical of course.

    It also
    will notify you if personnel changes are made,
    litigation ensues, patents or trademarks are registered, and
    even of rumors circulating. It also gives you the
    latest short interest, analyst reports, earnings
    forecasts, and technical trading too.

    The site has
    been featured at the location below. Just cut and

    Take a look at
    all the details for ARI

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