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  • bungeefallingknifecatcher bungeefallingknifecatcher Apr 7, 2003 3:45 PM Flag

    compare hedgehog to ALT-711

    If you look at the mechanisms of these drugs as reported there are similarities.

    Hh has shown promise in regeneration of nerve damage due to diabetes.

    ALT-711 produced by Alteon (ALT) has demonstrated efficacy in restoring elasticity to hardened protiens in the body (arteries, skin, etc) by reversing a natural occurance. Studies on heart, arteries (including the ones in your genitalia) regeneration are significant.

    I own ALT and CRIS (since cbmi). Figured I would share news. I like studying similar drugs, it makes my investment research easier.

    Do you dd, read some releases.

    Look to the future. If money is tightening up, it will be cheaper to cure diseases than treat. If total world earnings (revenue-costs) drops due to friction, it is best to own what works.

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