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  • robert_b_lewsi robert_b_lewsi Jun 17, 2003 1:55 PM Flag

    Hiring more people

    Look on the home page: They have a new job opportunity available.

    Curis is seeking another researcher to "discover new molecules in a signaling pathway relevant to cancer and neurological disorders."

    It sure looks like Curis is planning to play an active role in product development and product discovery.


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    • Good post...I agree.

      Be well.

    • you still see the neuro deal by the end of the month?

    • Woody,

      Some Pharmas may have already tried to scoop up little Curis. However, evaluating what properties Curis had and what it was all worth etc, would have been difficult to do prior to late 2002 and 2003.

      Now that Passeri has reorganized everything and has escenically put each product into a respectable position, it is easier to SEE the focus, estimated values and drivers for each program. Grabbing the partners basically affixed a price tag to each program. "Amylyn, J&J, and Genentech will each pay Curis $XX for each respective program, mile stones, etc.",

      Now with partners, these programs are all worth much more than they ever used to be and once a Neuro partner is selected, the final puzzle piece of the Curis structure will be firmly in place.

      I don't see a BIG PURCHASE until after the Neuro deal is signed and completed.


    • Robert......With all of the great education you gave me on CRIS, why wouldn't a BIG PHARMA make a tender offer for the company? The technology looks fantastic based on scientific studies and patents. Can you see a buyout potential lurking here?

    • Actually let me clarify...

      The ESI deal is working on "Type A Diabetes" (that's the insulin stuff I was referring to...) This is where CURIS takes some of YOUR stem cells, clones & harvests them, then introduces the correct "signal" which makes them turn into insulin producing cells. They then inject YOUR cells back into you, which ultimately cures Diabetes. Because they are YOUR cells to begin with, there is NO REJECTION. Cool right??? That's how I understand things anyway... Curis DOES needs to explain these things a little better I think.

      The "Diabetic Neuropathy" is ANOTHER indication where Curis has you take a pill, filled with small molecule "synthetic protiens" that mimic the activity of healthy nerve or neuro protiens and it encourages the natural REPAIR or Regeneration of your own natural Brain, Spin, Nervous system functions.

      This fixes stuff like Parkinson's, Diabetic Neuropathy, and a bunch of other Neurological disorders.

      Hope that is a little clearer... Someone please correct me if I am in error. This stuff is highly technical and in trying to make it make sense for myself, I may have a few things over-simplified or worse...


    • Robert......I presume in regards to the insulin/diabetic problem, that this is the work of CRIS/ES Cell International joint agreement? I hope we do hear more about a neurological patent/joint venture with a major PHARM SOON.

    • Thanks, Robert!! Appreciate the thorough reply...all makes sense.

      Be well.

    • Well Taj,

      No doubt. Those that have oportunity to look, and can recognize a good drug candidate when they see one, will agree that Curis DOES have remarkable potential!!!

      However, you might have hit a couple truths in your questioning and here's my thoughts on potential problems for Curis "getting seen by investors"..

      CRIS is a penny stock. That moves it way off the radar screen almost immediately. CRIS makes a blip on the screen whenever big news hits, when the price doubles, etc... but is otherwise just a little freckle speck, when looking at the total market as a whole.

      Additionally, the company has barely more than 50 employees, which makes it equivelent in man-power size to a busy "Mel's Diner" in upstate NY.

      Don't forget, CRIS has not just one, but ALL of their product candidates currently in "preclinical status"... kind of hard to grab "band wagon jumpers" when the wagon hasn't left the barn yet.

      "Clinical status" :::: This is the first in a chain of events that will bring in major gains for CRIS. As well-funded and clinic-capable Curis partners begin to file INDs, and move into the clinics, you'll be glad you held your position!

      Curis is also working in a NEW bio field that has NOT been proven 100% as of yet... and is not readliy accepted. When molecular drugs, that replicate whatever deficiency the body has, really begins to take the place of surgery and other means of care, such as: insulin injections and whatever old medicine practices we've been accepting for the last 100 years, Curis will be all the more entrenched.

      Old Medicine:
      (think about blood-letting... didn't do G.Washington too much good huh?) Someday insulin injections will be viewed the same way as Curis is able to inject NOT insulin itself, but insulin PRODUCING and REGULATING cells into a diabetic... curing them completely. Animal models showed this.

      We're investing in "potential" when putting money in CRIS. Curis and others like them still need to "prove the potential" before the masses will buy the stock and wear a Curis hat at golf outings.

      In my opionion, YOU Taj have picked one of the best and grossly-undervalued "potential stocks" in the sector. You're in before the "pop"... almost slightly ahead of it's time... question is: can we all wait and hold on for the "proof" to be added into the pudding mix?

      I plan to watch as other BEGIN to see.


    • mary_downs_the_hamster mary_downs_the_hamster Jun 19, 2003 10:44 AM Flag

      Woody <<Robert is a very very smart and astute man >>

      What he has posted is allready out there. The potential value of curis is the LAST SALE of the stock.

      What I am getting at is the message boards could be a savage place for the un informed. Due your DD then make your choice.

    • Rhetorical question: If these items are deemed so great (and I do not doubt that they are), how come the market has not responded in kind??

      Surely, members here are not the only ones opining on CRIS.

      Is it still that CRIS is such an 'unknown' entity??

      This puzzles me no end!!

      Be well.

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