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  • lamberts_lunatics lamberts_lunatics Sep 9, 2004 12:18 PM Flag

    OT / FYI - My Picks are in!

    I want to apologize in advance for drubbing everyone so badly this week in the football pool. I'm sure I'll get a game or two wrong at SOME point this season......JUST NOT THIS WEEK. I'm going undefeated this week!!!

    Gwen, don't even begin to think that you'll have a chance against me! These hurricanes that have been coming through the east coast will have your game picking skills all messed up, lol! Of course, you'll get the Steeler game correct, but other than that, I CAN NOT get beat by a GIRL!!!

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    • Ahhhh......the lovely sounds of Autumn! lolol

      PS. Don't be doggin' the BEST UNIFORMS in all of Pro Sports!

    • Lambert you head seems to be full of that Pittsburgh steel!! It wouldn't surprise me one bit that not only I beat you this week but Care and Gwen will also be ahead of you. Your vision has been skewed by so much black and yellow that you can't see or think straight. Take the game face off, you're not making a bit of sense with this kind of talk. And while you're at it put another damn sticker or decal on the other side of your freakin stupid helmet!!!!


    • But a Pat-Riot will take you down, Suckaaah!

    • Wishful thinking my lady!

      As I so eloquently and subtlely communicated yesterday, I will be UNDEFEATED this week. Obviously, I picked yesterday's contest correctly, as I have with all of the other coming ones. I will NOT be beaten by a weasel or a girl!

      PS. This is called my "gameface"! lol

    • Lambert,

      Are you indicating form your post to Weasel that you picked incorrectly for last nights game?

      Hmmmm,I might just have you beat this week if so!



    • Gwen,

      Absolutely!!! And I will CONTINUE to slight those God-forsaken, criminal-laden, dregs-of-society-rich, Raydas for the rest of my life, as that's the least I can do! lolololol

      PS. The Steelers rule!!!

    • Dear Lambert,

      For the love of Pete,Lambert,this is a huge slight to the Raiders don't you think?

      " Hey maybe you should become a Raider fan. You have many of the questionable qualifications and the character already, all you have to do is show some interest in the team, and perhaps have a police record. You really should look into that."

      lololol !

    • Capoman69,

      I like the way you brazenly call me a liar and indignantly deny you ever said I was one in the same as Gwen, Jawz and others. With bravado, you challenge me to prove you posted anything of the sort. I easily and quickly post the posts that prove YOU to be the liar, and now you completely IGNORE that set of events, and instead try to change the subject and accuse me of being rude & crude. Simply said, that's a tactic used by a liar and the fact that you use it now, only speaks against you.

      Well, obviously, you are not what you say you are. Secondly, as for my "rude & crude" comments, it's called having a sense of humor! I don't think I used any bad language or other questionable verbage. My comments were NOT rude and crude, but simply a needling of YOU who claim to have $2M invested in Curis. I'm sorry, but I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, so I was poking fun at you at your expense due to your easily questionable claims. Your claims sound suspiciously like ezeputz's $38M claims. It's pretty simple to point out why I don't believe you.

      For starters, if you had that much money invested in Curis, then it would mean you have at least as much or more invested elsewhere, as only a fool would put ALL of their money, especially when we're talking about $2M, into a small biotech that, while showing great promise, is still a pretty risky play. A person with a networth of over $4M would be a bit more financially knowledgeable than you, which brings me to my second point.

      Secondly, you reference your most recent prospectus showing 318 shareholders. ARE YOU REALLY THAT UNEDUCATED AND UNSOPHISTICATED. There are WAY more than 318 shareholders in Curis. Apparently, you don't realize that unless someone takes possesssion of their share certificates, or puts them specifically in their own name, the brokerage that they use holds the shares and is listed as the shareholder. So for instance, anyone who trades with TD Waterhouse, but doesn't go the extra mile to take the shares in their own name and possession, will be considered as TD Waterhouse being the shareholder as far as the prospectus is concerned. Again, simple deduction shows that someone who is investing $2M in a risky stock, and who clearly would have a much larger networth than the $2M, WOULD BE SOPHISTICATED ENOUGH TO KNOW this little fact about the number of share holders listed in a prospectus.

      Lastly, DO YOU REALLY EXPECT US TO BELIEVE that someone tampered with your profile?! C'mon now. That's a criminal offense if you don't know that, and if it were true, you would be pursuing it with vigor I'm sure, so clearly, NO ONE has messed with your profile except yourself.

      So Capoman, spare us the crap! Get over yourself. You need to get an interest in something other than lying and creating a false image of yourself. Hey maybe you should become a Raider fan. You have many of the questionable qualifications and the character already, all you have to do is show some interest in the team, and perhaps have a police record. You really should look into that.

      As for your 2 million lira investement, I hope you and the other 317 investors have good luck with it. ROFLMAO!!!!

      PS. By the way, I take back my offer to let you see me in a bikini for $2M. Sorry, but a "girl" has to have her limits you know! LOLOL

    • Looks like Capo is using the tammyfaysday id to create a diversion with the gay comment.

      Admitting to working 13 Ids on this board is unbelievable.

    • i_am_the_swammi, I see a disease or genetic defect offends you. You must think its normal. What would you call it?, are you gay? I will repeat I have nothing against gays. I have nothing against people with a disease, or a genetic defect.

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