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  • jemmaq99 jemmaq99 Dec 17, 2004 10:25 AM Flag

    Gwen OT

    Gwen, dear, it�s good to see you back after your trip � I�ve been busy lately and haven�t had a chance to post until now but I�ve been following the board. I see you�ve managed to hold on to your ragtag batch of antagonists and actually acquire a couple more. It�s remarkable that you of all people have become such a controversial celebrity in cyberspace. With detractors like this current crop you know you must be doing something right.

    Speaking of detractors, how about that EZ? The last I heard he was boasting about shorting 30K at $4.86 � ouch.

    Well, this is certainly the best run for CRIS that I�ve seen since I�ve been following it. The best part is that it appears to be a bit more than a couple-day-flurry. While there have been bigger spikes in volume in the past, this is the most sustained volume over consecutive days that I�ve seen. It appears CRIS has been noticed.

    Best to you and yours,

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    • Gonna go watch my boys break out a can of whoopass on Eli Manning and the other Giants!

      Have a great day Gwen.

    • LOL Lambert

      You better ask Santa for that nice little CD over the VS idea! Santa has poor taste in music but even worse taste in lingerie ! lol!

    • I was gonna complain that it's typical that a woman would have such a different idea than a man on how to complete that sentence.....but then I thought about it and.....I think that might be as good or better than the Victoria's Secret product I was thinking about originally! lol.

    • Dear Lambert

      May I fill in the blank?

      " With this chain of success, maybe I should ask my wife to put on that........Terry Bradshaw CD!!!"


    • After growing up in Fall River, MA, I learned my lesson well that anytime period around Feb 6 is NO time to be in N.E. I'm living in the southwest now where on Feb 6th I'll either be watching my Steelers, in shorts, win one for the thumb on my 65" HDTV (and as Papa Joe Chevalier know I have the dish!), or I'll be in Jacksonville watching it live! I put $50 on the Steelers in preseason to win the Super Bowl with 46-1 odds! I'm hoping that it ends up paying my way if I decide to go.

      If by chance, armageddon approaches and the Patsies somehow make it past the Steelers (what am I saying?!), I'll have to buy you a round of beers and a bucket of wings on me at the pub once it warms up in Hartford. lol.

      I'm with you, though, in your observation that a successful season for your NFL team makes life that much more enjoyable. Throw in Curis rocketing from $3.14 to $5.65 in less than 2 months, and all is well with the world. With this chain of success, maybe I should ask my wife to put on that........HMMMMMMM!

    • Gwen, It wouldn't be a party without you! And you're only about what, 2 1/2 hours away by car? The only problem I see is that Lambert's will definitely be in Patriot's territory and you know how volatile he can be. The area will not at all be tolerant to a screaming, red-faced, thinning-haired, ex-middle linebacker from East Shroudsburg St Univ (just a WAG on the college) so we're going to have to devise some kind of containment field around Lambert's. Would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.


    • Dear Pat,

      Count me in on showing up in Hartford ! However,I do think that the MAN O STEEL could do a bit better than JUST drinks!


      I told you the Foolsball thing was fun,right?


    • Boy, does it get any better than this??

      Do you plan on being anywhere in the neighborhood of Hartford, Ct. on or about February 6th? There's a little pub here with a great plasma screen and even better draft beer and wings that are the best....


    • You're right, that game IS over. That was the 2002 AFC Championship game, but it was Kordell "I'm a sensitive QB" Stewart, not THE MAN Big Ben RoethlisBRADSHAW at the helm!

      This year, same venue (Heinz - we have 57 ways to kick your ass - Stadium), different outcome! Steelers 34 - Patsies 20.

      PS. Of course, the 2 TD's to the best WR in the NFL - Hines Ward, went without mention, because they are assumed, big game - big output from Hines! 2 for Hines, 2 for Plex, 1 for the BUS, and a missed PAT in honor of you for Christmas!

      I'll buy the drinks!

    • Plexiglass Burress, 2 touchdown catches???!!!

      Against Troy Brown ( I think he has more catches as a DB than as a receiver this year) and that incredible Patriot defensive backfield??? I don't think so. Now if you had said "Two TD strikes to Hines Ward, I couldn't/wouldn't argue. But the glass-man just breaks too easily. One good pop from my man Rodney and the glass-man WILL be shattered again. Nope, uh-uh, 2 TD's aint gonna happen.

      Final score Patriots 23 (11 points by the kicking machine (Adam Vinatieri for you Gwen) - Pittsburg 17 (but Pitt is driving as time runs out and Big Ben tosses one into the hands of none other than Troy Brown).

      Game over man!!

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