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  • curis_invader curis_invader Oct 30, 2005 9:02 AM Flag

    Happy sunday morning ... And

    F U C K
    Y O U
    G L E N

    I hope you went to church to pray so you don't end up in HELL.

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    • Glen/Joe,

      That�s it? That�s all your 150-propeller beanie-cap can muster up? You�re actually trying to draw an analogy between �joemoris/joemorislives� and �jemmaq99/agent99�?

      But at least the copycat ID hypothesis has merit. Let�s pursue that. Tell me Joe, was your �joemorislives� a copycat ID of �joemoris�, or was it just a permutation of �joemoris� when you moved from the CHTR board to the CRIS board?


    • Why, Chill2001-through-N/John/Doookie/etc, you take that as an attack? My posts were simple statements and questions. Are you sure you�re not imbuing my comments with your own biases? After all, you�ve never really been very good at understanding my posts, and it�s been some time now that you�ve moved from the objective JohnWashington to the active, open attacker.

      Glen/Joe is simply a liar. The lies pile up week after week as he posts here. Admittedly, a major fraction of the thousands of syllables he spews here on a regular basis are void of content, let alone truth or falsity, but occasionally he does make a firm statement and it is virtually always either wrong through sheer ignorance or an intentional lie.

      And how otherwise? That he has chosen the life of a message board stalker is beyond dispute. Far be it from me to deny him his primary social activity. Clearly, he can�t juggle all of these persona without resorting to fiction. I only occasionally play my part by pointing out the lies, lest some poor soul take him seriously.


    • Er....glad to see you're still an ass Glen Close. When are you and John Wash going to Massachusetts and proclaim your man love for each other with a ceremony?

    • Autistic Rainjemma has returned from Bangladesh to spend her days attacking those who attack GWEN. I missed your retarded logic.

    • You sound like the one obsessed.

    • Wiseman,

      Lol,you hit more than a nail ! Talk about defending himself, just add the posts he made today on the CHTR board and he had a bang up day of spinning out of control.

      So,be happy that he never took you up on your most generous offer to locate him in a Burger King anywhere in the USA. Heck,he'd probably spend his day "convincing" people that Burger King was really Taco Bell or that the standard fare bun was homemade by him or that their order was incorrect due to a computer hacker! Lol.

      I think he put his costume on and is robbing candy from babies tonight!

    • Looks like I hit the nail at the right spot! Look at the bloody responses from that idiot chief Joe! That jerk has been busy defending himself the whole freaking day. I feel bad that he was busy posting and as a result lost out on making few bucks! Can you imagine the amount of posts this jerk can write 25/7! Yes 25/7 and not 24/7 you idiot. At this rate of yours, I should write 26/7. Dont be surprised if you end up in an institution in near future beacuse there is a limit to a deception.
      You got caught in the web and now you are getting deeper into it. Please seek some help for God's sake.

    • Joe,

      Are you saying that the user name �joemorislives� that you used here on the CRIS board and the user name �joemoris� used on the CHTR board are unrelated? That it�s only a coincidence?


    • Nevertheless, Joe, in spite of all your circuitous rambling, you appear not to deny that you used the username not_paid_to_post on the CHTR board.


    • What kind of close was that ?

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