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    • sdk, for a couple of reasons. First, until Roche actually files, there is always the risk that they may find something in the results that could make them not file. This risk is keeping the price down somewhat. Second, wall street right now is shunning riskier investments and Curis is riskier today than it will be when the filing is done and approved. IMO the price will go up upon submission since it helps take away a portion of the current risk. Third the company wil announce either upon filing or acceptance of the filing how much is due from the milestone payment. Receipt of the milestone payment upon acceptance of the application will again reduce the riskiness of Curis since it will help extend the cash runway. And finally we are off our recent highs which I think will be taken out when more information is known about the filing.

      You may not agree with the above opinions and we will see who will be right. I have been wrong before with my predications and I have no doubt I will be wrong again in the future with my predictions. Not much longer to find out how it plays out. I know where my $$ is bet, where's yours? I gave my reasons and opinions why I think short term we go higher, what are your reasons for why we don't?

    • what in the world makes you think filing an NDA is going to do anythinggggg for the stock when all other positive items (including a successful P2 trial) did NOTHING for the stock?

    • This is nice info and all, but I can't see how this effects the price of the stock.

      But I suppose any positive news is good for the company and maybe we'll see a small jump in volume today.

      Now I wonder what the timeline is for CUDC-101? How many months is it suppose to take to show a difference in the patient?

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