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  • chinesehamsters chinesehamsters Apr 11, 2012 12:15 PM Flag

    Erivedge estimate for Q1

    I used metrics from SGEN's most recent approval and drug launch from last year. In that quarter it was approved they reported sales for 6 weeks of $10 million. Breaking that down to cost per dose and doses per week it is about 159 doses and each course is $10,500 (total doses is ~9 for full course of treatment.

    Applying those same metrics here; assume 8 weeks of sales, 159 doses per week, and $7500 per dose. That gives us ~$9.54 million in booked revenue for Erivedge. On a 5% royalty CRIS would get $477K, or 0.006 cents per share on their 77.5 million shares. Nothing to get too excited about on the first quarter earnings, but everyone has to start somewhere.

    Chinese Hamsters

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    • TOMORROW $6.50, FRIDAY $10.00??? WAUUU, LOL...

      LINK??? PLEASE...

    • grommit - the other issue is that you post the same criticism over and over and over. We got the point a long time ago, and this is basically the same, small group of posters on here. Your griping really makes no difference to us (except it's boring). If you feel so strongly, then when you go to the shareholder meeting and make your sentiments known there (I believe you did say you were going - look out Dan!).
      Also, you bashed DD's post while admitting you didn't read anything but the first paragraph. How fair and decent was that???

    • One other thing, considering how much faith you seem to have in those investment companies, since you believe you know why they haven't invested in Curis, why would you still invest in it? Just because they chose not to invest doesn't make their decision right.

    • I don't know as I haven't spoken to them, but I believe they are missing the boat. Do you REALLY know or is it a figment of your imagination as to why they don't? How many people within those companies have you spoken to about why they haven't invested in Curis?

    • Uh, ok.

      So, why do FMR and Wellington not have stakes in CRIS right now?

      I know, but aren't going to tell you (do you?).

    • Grommet, you didn't hurt anyone's feelings and this board hopefully is about sharing information, both positive and negative, supported by facts and if not supported by facts and least supported by one's opinion with a basis in forming that opinion. To just rant on about how bad Dan is without anything to support it is just plain stupid and a waste of space. You nor anyone else knows why Wellington and FMR have decided not to invest in Curis yet unless of course you have spoken to the people who make those decisions. I am certain you haven't and just want to create your own reality. Good luck with that.

    • "if you had an open mind and weren't on this board just for your own agenda instead of for learning as well"

      That's funny. But, what exactly is my "agenda".

      And, BTW, I have provided more "info" on this company (here and elsewhere) than you could ever imagine, fwiw. (all highly positive - with the exception of my criticism on the poor management of the company)

    • grommet, it's a shame you didn't read past the first paragraph, because what DD wrote was extremely pertinent and (if you had an open mind and weren't on this board just for your own agenda instead of for learning as well) could have perhaps given you a different perspective.

      In addition to what DD wrote, I'd like to add that Dan P. has kept the share float down to a very reasonable level. On the negative side, it causes fluctuations that are a little extreme, but on the positive it also means we will rise quickly once positive news is published abroad.

      p.s. thanks DD, I DID learn something from your post.

    • Ah, sorry to hurt your feelings.

      I suppose if I wrote a very long article and was entirely positive, and just said everything was great, and the stock is performing wonderful, Wellington & FMR will buy all they can someday, etc., etc., you will love me all over again (right?)

      would you like me to do that again?


      This board is apparently only for Rosey Glasses - don't say anything to the contrary here. Sad.

    • derekrepath Apr 11, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

      No stress just sad to see such an unhappy person!

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